Update: Postcard Project and One-Sock Syndrome


To date I have mailed 27 postcards as part of the “postcard project.”  Several people have acknowledged receipt of the cards with emails and text messages, but the past few days I’ve opened my mailbox to find the postcards pictured above!  As you can see, they are  unique, and definitely put a smile on my face!  The “Greetings from Massachusetts” card is classic–I have a number of vintage cards like this in my collection and it’s fun to know they still make them. I love the larger-than-life squirrel, and the moose offers sage advice like “don’t get stuck in a rut,” “make your voice heard,” and “appreciate life’s high points.”

Why is it so much fun to receive a postcard?  The pictures are amusing and beautiful, and the messages are fun to read. They’re short, of necessity, almost like tweets. Some are heartfelt, others humorous. But best of all, receiving a postcards means that someone was thinking of you and took the time to pen a few lines, add an address, and take it to the mailbox. Thank you to those who sent me cards. I hope you will play it forward and brighten someone else’s day too!

I wonder what our mailman (yes, he is a man) thinks when he drives up our street. First, there are the newly painted mailbox posts and spiffy boxes. Then, at the top of the hill, is a box whose flag is up nearly every day. Perhaps he enjoys the pictures too!

Speaking of appreciating life’s high points, it is graduation weekend here at Indiana University. I’ve been invited to a friend’s graduation from the Kelley School of Business tomorrow and can’t wait to be on campus to see all the graduates posing for pictures in front of Showalter Fountain, the Sample Gates, and other scenic spots on campus.  Tomorrow definitely will be a high point.  But today also feels like a high point, one of those days when you feel happy, you know it, and you appreciate it. It’s the little things, like exchanging text messages with my nephews, meeting with my ESL student to discuss the mysteries of the English language, and enjoying a brisk early morning walk while listening to a chorus of birds. And I have a new dandelion tool!  How exciting is that??? As soon as I finish this blog I will be tackling those pesky greens.

Finally, I am also delighted to report that I am making a valiant effort to kick the one-sock syndrome. As you can see, I finished a pair yesterday!  Another one of life’s high points! Since this pair is more appropriate for winter, I’ve started a lighter-weight version. Who knows, maybe I can finish them before summer’s end.

Socks compressed

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