More fun with feedsacks!

IMG_1576-feedsack pumpkins-croppedMy feedsack-quilt project has stalled in favor of short-term gratification.  Earlier this fall, a houseguest brought us several cloth pumpkins made from green and orange fabric, a little twine, and artificial fall leaves.  Very cute! We’re always looking for things to make from our stash of 1930s-era feedsacks, so we thought “why not give this a try.” What do you think of them?

My pumpkins may not be your traditional orange and green, but each one carries a unique history, beginning when my Grandparents went to a store in Riley, Kansas, and bought the flour, sugar, rice, or whatever else the sack contained. Once emptied, Grandma and Mom washed and ironed the sacks, then used them to make curtains, dresses, blouses, aprons, and pillowcases. They packed others away in boxes, that made the move from Kansas to Ohio in 1957.  Mom couldn’t let good fabric go to waste, so as a child I wore play clothes made from feedsacks, and when I went to college I had a feedsack laundry bag.

As IIMG_1574-feedsack teddy 1 edited write this, I’m feeling a bit guilty for not finishing my feedsack quilt.  And I had plans to make aprons and placemats (I have that much fabric!). Instead, I tried my hand at a feedsack Teddy Bear, who I’ve named Charlotte. She may be a pigeon-toed, and her ears are a bit uneven, but she has personality!  And every time I look at her, a smile comes over my face. Mom would have loved making pumpkins and bears!

About JP in B-town

JP grew up on a sheep farm in northwest Ohio. She learned to knit by the age of ten, and loves the smell of wool. She fell in love with reading, a habit she fed with weekly visits to a nearby Carnegie Public Library. Reading fed her desire to become a writer, and her dream of traveling the world. She resides in Bloomington, Indiana, where she continues to knit and write.
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  1. Ellie says:

    I love her! The uneven paws are endearing.

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