Making Music with Friends

I was under the weather a bit lately, which inhibited my French horn playing a bit, but not my ability to practice scales on the piano.  Much to my surprise, I enjoy playing Hanum Junior exercises and watching my hands grow a tiny bit more limber from week to week.

We had friends at the house this past week and found several opportunities to make music together.  Admittedly, I had to play audience for some of this, but that’s an important role also!

Our first “play date” was with Mary, who plays both piano and flute. One of these days I aspire to be a good enough pianist to accompany Deb, but until then I’m deeply grateful for piano-playing friends.

Deb-Mary music

At mid-week we had an enjoyable visit from my former I.U. East Colleague, Alisa-Clapp Itnyre, who joined Deb on flute for several lovely duets. Listening to them transported me back in time to the nineteenth century, a time when families and friends entertained one another in the evening with musical performances. It’s such a pleasant escape from watching commercial television and political news.  Music leaves you feeling happy!

Alisa Deb music

We ended the weekend with our friend Carol’s visit. When she’s here, we always take in some kind of performance at the Jacobs School of Music. This time it was a pre-college violin extravaganza. We were in awe of the senior violinists who performed lovely and technically challenging solos, and charmed by the youngest students. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard 100 violins performing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”


When I retired a few years ago, playing French horn or piano was not on my radar. I’m so glad I rediscovered both. And now it’s time to practice!



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