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Crossing the Plains: Dust, Dempsters, and the Homestead National Monument

During our recent sojourn to the Great Plains, land of big skies and prairie, we enjoyed driving “blue highways,” which took us past countless windmills, abandoned farmsteads, and cattle. About four miles east of Red Cloud, Nebraska, we stopped to … Continue reading

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The Road to Red Cloud

I never lived in Kansas, but I grew up with a deep appreciation for the stateĀ  my grandparents left in 1957 when their farm became part of Fort Riley. A regular correspondent, Grandma kept in frequent contact with neighbors and … Continue reading

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My Occupational DNA: Washerwoman, Glover, and Cook

When I first grew interested in family history in the 1970s, it was easier to find information about male ancestors than the women in their lives. Fast forward to the 21st century and the advent of numerous digital projects making … Continue reading

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Plum Pudding Time

I was rearranging my bookshelf the other day, and rediscovered my mother’s cookbooks. For many years they stood on the bottom shelf of the built-in cupboard in her farmhouse kitchen. Well-worn, their spotted and yellowed pages contain her handwritten notes … Continue reading

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Searching for our roots

Last week my brother and I traveled to Kansas for our Uncle’s memorial service. My mother, a native of Kansas, moved to Ohio at the end of World War II with my father, her soldier husband. The letters she wrote … Continue reading

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