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Ohio Woman Recalls Kissing King as Infant

I confess. I chose this headline to attract attention, but it actually happened. On a sunny April afternoon in 1895, the Prince of Wales’ governess allowed Lizzie Essen and other servants to hold the infant who grew up to become … Continue reading

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Update: Postcard Project and One-Sock Syndrome

To date I have mailed 27 postcards as part of the “postcard project.”  Several people have acknowledged receipt of the cards with emails and text messages, but the past few days I’ve opened my mailbox to find the postcards pictured … Continue reading

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The Postcard Project

When visiting museums, national parks, historic houses, Civil War battlefields, and cities around the world, I can’t seem to leave gift shops and newsstands without acquiring postcard reminders of all that I have seen. Years ago, before the Internet, I … Continue reading

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